Month: March 2011

Sold in 6 Days!

After some lengthy discussion, my husband and I made a decision in the late Spring, to relocate our family to Kingston.  We were planning to wait until Spring, but a last minute situation presented reasons to do it immediately.  So, after receiving a great recommendation from a friend, I called Jim Matheson.  We met with Jim, cleared and staged our home based on Jim’s knowledge and expertise, and then Jim listed the house 3 weeks later.  Our house sold in 6 days!

Jim prepared a mulit-media expose of our home, hosted open houses and became a rather popular fellow in our neighbourhood!  His warmth, sense of humour and professional nature make for one awesome real estate agent.  During this process, Jim offered to help us find a home for our family in Kingston.  So off we went, back and forth, looking for that perfect home.  This can be a stressful experience due to the distance we had to travel, not to mention the short window of time that we had to make a purchase.  With Jim’s ideas, suggestions and incredible sense of humour, he managed to keep me somewhat calm throughout this process.  He encouraged us to look at many different types of houses so that we could be fully informed prior to making a decision.  This past weekend, 3 months after this whole journey started, I called Jim to thank him and to let him know how happy we are in our new Kingston home.  I truly believe we couldn’t have done it without Jim!!!!!   
E. Clark, Kingston, Ontario

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