Month: February 2011

I love Toronto. I was born here and am a third generation Torontonian so please excuse my bias. It’s a wonderful city where distinctive neighbourhoods create an irresistible urban mosaic. I grew up in the Fallingbrook area of The Beach and started working part-time at Darrell Kent Real Estate in 1987 while I finished high school. As an administrator, I met so many wonderful sales representatives and brokers who taught me the business inside and out. Even while I was earning my university degrees and various certifications, I still held on to my administrative position. That lasted 15 years until it was clear to me, and everyone around me, that my area of expertise was in fact real estate. Getting my license was one of the best decisions I ever made. I am a very friendly, outgoing and empathetic person. I love to help people, make people laugh, and love providing luxury service. Meeting, then exceeding my clients’ needs has always given me so much satisfaction. I love design, especially interior design, and enjoy staging homes for sale. My own properties in Leslieville, where I currently live, are always changing – be it through new landscaping, furniture, or just a can of paint. So much of my inspiration comes from my partner of almost 10 years whose eye for design plus years of business savvy has taught me to be always at my best, so I can do the best for you.
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